Suzanne Broughel


In my work, I explore the construct of race in the United States.  Sifting through history, popular culture and autobiography, I look at our present moment’s disconnect between post-racial fantasies and unequal reality. I am interested in the personal as political, so I look at my own body and I look at skin color.  Tie dye, mandalas, African and Native American fabric patterns – styles that reference “hippie culture”, “New Age” practices, and cultural appropriation are where form and content meld for me.

My materials are everyday household objects such as bed sheets, bandaids, and self-tanning lotions. Though mass produced commodities, these are items we bring into our homes, put on our skin, sleep on.  It is from this personal, intimate voice that the strongest dialogue on race begins, while the connection to global capitalism reminds us that we are part of a bigger picture that is structural.