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Cataloguing White Domestic Terrorism: A Word Mapping Project


Three groups of people were asked to define “white domestic terrorism” in their own words. The first group was informal; it was a group of the artist’s friends, and they answered on a social media site. The second group was the congregation of Judson Memorial Church, in New York City, who were asked this question using an online, anonymous, form. The final group was comprised of University of Wyoming students, faculty, and staff, chosen at random for in-person interviews.

The answers and definitions provided were then taken apart, word by word, and sorted in a list format. The artist carefully recorded the frequency of each word that was said or written in response to her prompt, (although it should be noted that most prepositions and articles were removed). The results of these interviews, both in person, via survey, and via social media, are found in three “word maps.” Each Word Map (1, 2, and 3) have a “Before” and “After.” The “Before” is the text mapped out clearly with repeated words in bold. The “After” is a new word map, made up only of the words that had been in bold in the “Before” list.

This project is unapologetically aimed at dissecting the ways in which people speak about the violence of whiteness—and most importantly, in the ways they do not speak about it, and what that says about the gravity and the further violence encompassed in white supremacy. What words do people find when presented with such a question? What examples do they use? What words do they avoid? What surprisingly connections can be found—linked, drawn, mapped—when the words are stacked on top of each other on the page? And what fills the gaps?




Word Map 3. Before


Ago Abortion Awhile Actually Lot All Attacking Afraid Against Answer Acts Answer Acts Against Anything Anything Answer Answer Around Any Any Action All Answer After Anti Any Acts Apply Another Against Aged

Bombed Basically Basically Back Black Because Bring Because Bad Being Buildings Bombings Bunch Basically Because Before Basically

Case Colorado Clinic Comes Confidence Comes Church Church Comes Comes Church Community Community Comes Church Cases Common Caused Came Come Call Colored Criminal Crack Caucasian Committing Could Could Could Case Could Caucasian Civilians Civilian Caucasian Can’t Country Certain Cultural Certain Cultural Countries Christians Christian Country

Define Definition Doesn’t Domestic Don’t Does Do Does Does Domestic Doing Down Domestic Doing Don’t Down Don’t Doing Don’t Domestic Don’t Don’t Domestic Define Do Do Define Domestic Domestic Don’t Don’t David Define

Exactly East Else Either

First First Fair Fraction First FBI Features Fantasy

Guess Goal Going Guess Gonna Gonna Gonna Going Groups Going Guess Guess Guess Guess Guess Gonna Getting Guess Guess Going Guess Guess Group Groups Guess Groups

Happened Happens Homophobia Homophobia Health Hear Happened How Hadn’t Heard His Here Hear

I I Ideology I I’d I I I I I Inside I Islamophobia I I I I’m Irrational I I I Immigrants Individuals I It’d Include I I If I I I I Interesting I’m I I I I I I’m I’m Involved I I I I I I I I I Ideal Imagine Ideal Interpretation Instructor Indigenous I I I I I I I

Just Just Just Just Just Just Just Just Just Just Just Just Just 

Kinda Know Know Know Know Know Killing Kansas Know Killing Know Know Know Know Kinda Know Know Kinda Know Koresh Ku Klux Klan

Long Least Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Little Like Local Like Like Like Like Like  Like Loose Like Like Like Like

Mind Mind Mind Mean Mind Mind Me Majority Muslims Middle My Mind Mean My Mind Mental Maybe Me My Me Muslim Man Much Many My Middle Men

Not News Need No Neutral Not Nationwide Normally News Not Not Neo-Nazis Name No

Overall Obviously Outside Other Only Out Other Organizations Normally Okay Other Okay One Other One Other Old Own Okay Organizations

People’s People Probably People Place Person Person People Places Plotted Phrase People People People People People People Person People People People Perpetrated People People Pretty Part Populations

Question Question Question

Results Really Really Racism Really Records Reason Reminds Refugees Relating Referring Recently Really Restricted

System Say Saw Shot Something Say Stuff Stuff Shooting Stuff School Shootings Shootings States Small States Said Shootings Say Say Saved Say Something Something Something Sounds Say Some Somalian Somalian Supremacist Somebody Street Somebody Sorry Sorry Strange Sustain Supremacy States Says Supremacist Supremacist

Too There’s Think Terrorism Things There Threats Threat Think Those Terrorism There’s Terrorism Terrorism Thing Take Thing Their Think Terrorism They Them They Things Them Them They Think They Terrorism Think Terrorizing Terrorism Think Terroristic Terrorism These Things Terrorism Terrorizing  Threatening Them Thing Think Think Think Terrorism Thought Terrorism Terrorism They Testament Think They’re Their Think Terror Think

Undermine Up U.S. Up United United Up Usually United Usually Usually Usually

Violence Very Very Violence Violence

Would Where Was What Which Well Who White What Would Within Where Within What White When Would What Would What Where When White White White Who Who Worship Where Work Where White When White Who’s White Who’s Where White White Who Went Was What Way White White White White Who’s Word White Who Who What What Would White What Would White White Wow What’s Waco What Was What Was White Who White Would Would White Whether Would White White White White When


Ya Ya You Yeah You You’re Ya Yeah You’re You’re Your Yeah Yeah Yeah Ya Yeah Yeah Your Yeah Yeah