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Mercedes Teixedo


Slept Here
8.5” x 11”
graphite on stationary

These drawings are renderings of places I can remember having slept. They are created from memory, some within hours, some years removed. Every effort is made not to make up details. The actual remembered elements are shockingly few. The erosion that comes with time reveals memory to be largely fantasy. It is a narrative we create. It may seem fixed and somehow true, but is comprised of emotion, idea, limited knowledge, and sometimes, a fragment of fact about a place or space. In making these images, my skills and exposure to the history of images creeps in. The drawing takes on a life of its own becoming a new and unnamable place.

Ajay Kurian


The Dreamers, 2016

foam, expanding foam, rockite, marble, retroreflectors, steel, paint, clothing, plastic, sand, paint, magic sculpt, aluminum tape, wire and apples

Dimensions variable

Lion: 78 ½ × 38 ½ × 39 ½ inches (199.39 × 97.79 × 100.33 cm)

Frog: 48 × 20 × 11 inches (121.92 × 50.80 × 27.94 cm)

Rhino: 32 × 18 × 33 ½ inches (81.28 × 45.72 × 85.09 cm)